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I'm getting somewhere, you'll be glad to hear!

So far this year I've:

Fixed a date. After a very thorough search of events in London this summer, I've picked Saturday the 2nd July as the date for the ride. By which I mean we're setting off at midnight on the 2nd, and will then ride through the early hours of Sunday the 3rd.

I've secured us a place to finish that is very bike friendly, and serves good grub, as well as strong coffee! The superb Look Mum No Hands have kindly offered to open an hour early on the 3rd July. It's right on the route, and there will be a mechanic around at some point in case anyone's bike is falling apart.

I've set up the Justgiving page. It's here, so please start pestering friends, relatives, co-workers and random strangers for cash. I've made every effort to make it a 'Team Page'" but I think it still says 'Tom Miles is fundraising for...' in one place that I can't change. Plus, the thumbnail image seems to come up as a generic running images, despite me replacing it.

I've almost certainly sorted the feed station, which will be nearly 50% of the way round, and available for several hours in the middle of the night. Now, to stock it with goodies.

Still to do is more route refining, as the last time I attempted to go out and fine tune things I had a puncture. No biggie, except that my spare inner tube had perished from lack of use, and I had a 6 mile walk home in cycling shoes. Always check your spares kids!

More to come, get building the mileage.